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The Valkyrie is a Mini unlocked from Chests, Shop or Quests. The Valkyrie is an area-damage, melee unit with high hitpoints and damage output. Appearance-wise, she wields an axe, has orange hair and wears a blue suit. It costs 3 Elixir to deploy.

Skill: Axestorm

“Spinning attack that damages surrounding enemies”

The Valkyrie will deal damage to units around her in a 3x3 square. It will hit her target directly and any enemy that is one tile next to the Valkyrie in any direction will be affected by the attack.

Star Abilities


“Hitting enemies increases speed. Can stack 10 times”

For every attack that the Valkyrie does, her attack speed increases. It can increase a total of 10 times in each round.


“Boast: Heal 6HP over 3s”

If the Valkyrie manages to defeat an enemy, she will heal herself for 2 health each second, for a total time of 3 seconds. This allows her heal a total of 6 health over 3 seconds.

Deep Wound

“Attack prevents healing effect by 75% for 2s”

Any enemy that is hit by Axestorm will receive 75% less healing for 2 seconds.



  • 8/11/21:
    • The Valkyrie was first introduced into Clash Mini in the Beta Launch.
  • 3/3/22:
    • Base HP increased to 11 (from 8).
    • Attack Speed increased to 0.4 (from 0.35).
    • The Valkyrie's victory animation was changed.
  • 7/3/22:
    • The Siren skin was added.
  • 8/3/22:
    • Base HP reduced to 9 (from 11).
  • 12/5/22:
    • HP per upgrade increased to 3 (from 2).
    • Hit Speed per upgrade reduced to 0 (from 0.5).
    • Valkyrie's Rush Star Ability was renamed to Deep Wound and reworked from giving Valkyrie an increase to her hit speed at the start of each round to allowing Valkyrie to reduced enemy healing by 75% for 2 seconds.


  • The Valkyrie is 1 of the 7 Minis that originated from Clash of Clans, the others being the Barbarian, Archer, Wizard, Bowler, P.E.K.K.A, and the Witch.
  • In Norse mythology, Valkyries collect spirits of the dead to take to Valhalla, one of the Norse afterlives. Most depictions show them riding on horseback, however, in Clash Mini, they do not ride horses and instead travel on foot.
  • The Valkyrie is featured as a skin for Archer Queen in Clash of Clans.