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Shield Maiden Portrait.png

The Shield Maiden is a Hero that can be selected as the first Hero for the player or unlocked from opening Chests or bought from the Shop. The Shield Maiden is a single-target, melee unit with high hitpoints and low damage output.


Magic Shield

“Super: Gain Block and reflect some damage back to attackers for a short time”

The Shield Maiden has a Super ability that reduces the amount of damage that she receives by 1 for 5 seconds, and also reflect back 1 damage to every attacker. When this ability is active, she will not move or attack and she will not gain Energy.

Magnetic Shield

“Magic Shield forces all enemies to attack Shield Maiden for a short time”

(Unlocked upon reach Level 4 Shield Maiden) Shield Maiden's Magic Shield will also taunt all enemies into attacking her for 2 seconds.

Will Power

“Boast: +3 Energy”

(Unlocked upon reach Level 8 Shield Maiden) If the Shield Maiden manages to defeat an enemy, she will gain 3 Energy.


Level Health Damage Hits per Second Energy Cost
1 15 1 0.45 10
2 17 1 0.45 10
3 19 1 0.45 10
4 19 1 0.45 10
5 19 1 0.55 10
6 22 1 0.55 10
7 22 1 0.55 9
8 22 1 0.55 9
9 26 1 0.55 9
10 30 1 0.55 9


  • It is advised to position the Shield Maiden at the frontline as she has a lot of health, which could protect other melee troops with relatively lower hit points and deal more damage.
  • The Shield Maiden pairs well with the Battle Healer. The Battle Healer will be healing the Shield Maiden, keeping her alive for longer, while the Shield Maiden will deal more damage, thanks to her Magic Shield ability. However, this can lead the combo vulrenable to a tank-&-Wizard combo, especially one with Spicy active.
  • Magnetic Shield is a good away to protect your ranged Minis from the Archer, as this will cause her to retarget, despite the Archer being able to only target the furthest Mini from her. However, her Archery ability can counteract this, by allowing her to attack her intented target alongside the Shield Maiden.
  • The Shield Maiden attacks quite slowly, which can leave her overwhelmed to fast attackers like the Countess.


  • 08/11/21:
    • The Shield Maiden was in the beta launch on 8 November 2021.
  • 12/11/21:
    • Attack Speed increased to 0.45 (from 0.4).
    • Super - Magic Shield duration reduced by 1s.
    • Super - Magic Shield cast speed slightly increased.
    • Base HP reduced to 15 (from 16).
  • 3/3/22:
    • Super Casting Time slightly increased.
    • Super duration increased to 5s (from 4s).
    • Lv4 stat changed to Attack Speed +0.1 from Reduce Super Energy by 1.
    • Lv10 Will Power Boast: +2 Energy.
  • 17/3/22:
    • Magnetic Shield now taunt all enemies and last for 4s.
    • Will Power now grants 3 Energy (from 2).
  • 8/4/22:
    • Magnetic Shield duration reduced to 2s (from 2s).
  • 12/5/22:
    • Magic Shield now casts slightly faster.


  • The Shield Maiden and Monk were the first Heroes to have skins immediately after soft launch.