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Prince Portrait.png

The Prince is a Mini unlocked from Chests, Shop or Quests. The Prince is a melee unit. The Prince rides a brown pony with blonde hair. The Prince wields a white and blue/red (depending of the team) lance. The Prince has a brown moustache, and brown gloves. It costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

Skill: Charge!!!

“Clash: Charge foward, dealing damage, pushing back, and stunning enemy on hit. Prince is stunned briefly if Charge misses”

At the start of each round, the Prince dashes forward in his lane, dealing 3 damage to the enemy hit and knocking them back. If he does not hit an enemy, he will be stunned for 2 seconds. If the Prince is stunned before he charges, the ability is cancelled.

Star Upgrades

Long Lance

“Charge!!! gains +5 damage”

Charge!!! will do 5 more damage, for a total of 8 damage.


“Boast: HUGE speed bonus for 6s”

If the Prince manages to defeat an enemy, he will gain an increase to his movement and attack speed for 6 seconds.

True Friend

“K.O.:Your old pal, Pony, fights on!!”

When the Prince is defeated, his Pony will spawn to continue the fight. The Pony has 5 HP, deals 1 damage to a singular target, and it can also knock them back 1 tile and stun them.


  • Prince can be played similar to a Miner, by making him go all the way to the end and then attacking all troops of that lane. This is useful if the opponent has ranged troops like Archers or Electro Wizards.
    • Miner is only 2 elixir while Prince is 4 elixir. So you need use Prince in scenarios where it's actually worth it to use a 4 elixir troop over a 2 elixir troop.
  • Since his skill can knockback enemies, hitting a Giant Skeleton with the ability can help a lot to win time.
  • Missing a Prince hit on purpose can allow it to kill off pesky back liner enemies like the Archer and Spear Goblin.
    • This is not as viable as it used to be with the stun penalty, and even if you do kill a Archer or Spear Goblin, its a heavy elixir commitment when better options like a Miner can be used for that purpose.
  • If placed close enough, the Prince can interrupt Spear Goblin and Bowler's clash abilities.


  • 21/12/21:
    • Added the Prince.
    • Added a skin for the Prince: Fabulous Prince.
  • 3/3/22:
    • True Friend: Pony HP reduced to 5 from 6.
    • Prince will be stunned for 3 seconds if he misses his charge.
    • Fabulous Prince skin price increased to 800 Crystal Coins up from 600.
  • 17/3/22:
    • Stun penalty reduced to 2 seconds (from 3) if the Prince misses his charge.
    • Hit speed per upgrade increased to 0.2 (from 0.15).