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Musketeer Portrait.png

The Musketeer is a Mini which can be unlocked by opening chests. The Musketeer is an single target, melee unit with moderate hitpoints and low damage output. Appearance-wise, she has purple coiffed, curly hair, carries a blunderbuss-styled musket and wears a metal helmet. It costs 3 Elixir to deploy.

Skill: Snipe

“Super: Stun, push back, and deal damage to target.”

Musketeer has a Super ability that fires a big shell that deals 3 damage to the closest enemy, knocking them back 2 tiles and stunning them.

Star Upgrades

Stun Shot

“Snipe +2.5s Stun Duration.”

Snipe stuns the enemies for an extra 2.5 seconds,


“Boast: Heal 6HP over 3s.”

If the Musketeer manages to defeat an enemy, she will heal herself for 2 health each second, for a total time of 3 seconds. This allows her heal a total of 6 health over 3 seconds.


“Snipe hits 1 extra target.”

Snipe can now affect up to 2 enemies instead of 1.


  • The 2-for-1 is generally the best star upgrade, as stunning two enemies is better than stunning one enemy for longer.
  • Humble is usually not very beneficial, because when a mini reaches the Musketeer, it's probably going to die.


  • 21/12/2021
    • Added the Musketeer.
  • 17/3/22:
    • Base HP increased to 8 (from 7).
    • Base Attack Speed increased to 0.65 (from 0.55).