Clash Mini Wiki

What are Minis and how do they work?

Minis are figures that players in Clash Mini use to battle against each other alongside the centerpiece, the Heroes.

Each Mini has an Elixir cost, which shows the amount of Elixir needed to deploy that Mini in a battle. Elixir costs range from 2 to 4. Some of them have a Clash ability, which is used at the start of a battle, and some of them have a Super ability, which is activated when their energy is full. Some also have a Passive ability, where that it happens throughout the round, hence it's a passive ability.

Every round, you will be given 6 Elixir. You are not required to use all the elixir as it does carry over rounds. So if you use 4 Elixir and leave 2, the next round you will have 8 Elixir. (6 + 2 from first round)

Each Mini also has Star Upgrades. Collecting fragments of each Mini unlocks more stars, which are used to upgrade a Mini in battle. Stars will unlock more abilities for each mini. It is important to know that all minis gain abilities with upgrades and some new upgrades are Clash abilities or Passive abilities or even Super abilities in certain Minis.

All the Minis by Elixir:

2 Elixir Minis:

3 Elixir Minis:

4 Elixir Minis:

How can I upgrade Minis?

  • Every Mini requires 11 total fragments to obtain all Star upgrades.
    • 1 fragment unlocks the Mini and its main ability.
    • 2 fragments unlocks the first Star upgrade.
    • 5 fragments unlocks the second Star upgrade.
    • 11 fragments unlocks the third and final Star upgrade, and your mini is now Maxed.
  • You can purchase Mini fragments in the store for a set amount of Gold.
    • 150 Gold for 2 Elixir Minis.
    • 250 Gold for 3 Elixir Minis.
    • 350 Gold for 4 Elixir Minis.
      • This is only recommended if you are 1 fragment away from a Star Upgrade that you will actually use.
      • Example: You use Valkyrie, and you have 10 fragments. You want to get the final Star upgrade because you think it will be very beneficial for you. So you buy 1 fragment for 250 Gold.
      • If you obtain all fragments for a Mini, you are unable to purchase any fragments of that Mini in the store.