Clash Mini Wiki

These are the hints displayed when launching the app or starting a battle.


  • The Season Road is a small adventure with your ever faithful Pony
  • When upgrading a Mini in battle, you can tap the Mini instead of swiping
  • Each Star Upgrade on a Mini puts another copy of that Mini in your deck
  • Increase your League Rank to unlock new Boards to play on
  • Units with lots of HP should be placed on the frontline to protect your squishy units
  • Time is limited each round, spend your Elixir before it runs out!
  • Unlock Stars to allow you to upgrade your Minis in battle
  • Star Upgrades are exchanged for rewards at the end of each season
  • Rumble Mode gives double rewards!
  • Get more Trophies when you keep your Ranked Match win streak above 3 wins
  • Every day you get new Freebies in the shop and new Quests too!
  • Make sure your deck has at least 30 Elixir of Minis and Star Upgrades at all times!
  • Upgrading units at the right time is the key to victory
  • You can sell Minis during battle by dragging them back to the Battle Box