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Keywords determine certain triggers or effects that can happen during combat.


Keywords in Clash Mini! - Mini Minute Episode 9


An ability that gets triggered once Energy is full. Every Hero has a Super ability. Examples of Minis with a Super ability are the Skeleton Guard's Shield-up! ability, or the Mega Knight's Skyfall ability.


“Clash: Cast when battle starts”

A Clash ability is performed once the battle starts. Examples are the Bowler's Strrrike!!! ability, or the Miner's Burrow ability.


“Boast: After defeating an enemy”

An ability which is triggered once the enemy is defeated. Examples are the Miner's Excitement ability, or the Archer's Pride ability.


“KO: After this Mini is defeated”

An ability which is triggered once the Mini that has the ability is defeated. Examples are the Giant Skeleton's Boooom!!! ability, or the Ice Wizard's Ice Bomb ability.


“Block: Reduce incoming damage by 1”

An effect that reduces all incoming damage to the Mini by 1. Examples are the Knight's Chivalry ability or P.E.K.K.A's Armor ability


“Backstab: Attacks from behind an enemy deal +1 damage”

Deals 1 more damage when attacking from behind. Example being the Miner's Surprise! ability.


“Cleave: Attacks hit all enemies in front arc”

The attack pattern of a Mini with this changes to an "arc" formation. Example being the Miner's Big Shovel ability.


“Slow: Movement and attack speed are reduced”

An effect that reduces the movement and attack speed of the Mini. Example being the Ice Wizard's Frost Bolt ability.


“Shield: Lose Shield instead of HP when taking damage”

Extra HP on the Mini that need to be taken down before taking down its HP. Example being the Skeleton Guard's Shield-up! Super ability.


“Dissipate: Enemy loses Energy when hit”

The ability to drain Energy from enemy Minis. Examples being the Mini P.E.K.K.A's Drain ability or the Magic Archer's Drain ability.


“Isolated: No ally nearby”

Deals 1 more damage when attacking enemies that are far away from their allies. Example being the Royal Ghost's Surprise! ability.