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What are Heroes?

  • Heroes are figures that players always will have on the board. These are the most important and each one has a very powerful Super ability that can be upgraded by increasing the Hero's level.
  • In Clash Mini, you can only have one Hero in your deck at a time.
  • Heroes cannot be sold or upgraded with duplicates like Minis, they can only be upgraded when you collect Hero Fragments for them.
  • Heroes will always be placed in one of the tiles in the middle in the beginning of a match, and can be placed anywhere at your side like the other Minis.
  • Heroes can be upgraded by collecting fragments of them. When upgraded, they will receive more abilities or boosts for their attacks.
    • At Level 4 and Level 8, they will gain an additional ability.
  • Players will not have their Hero progress reset every season unlike Mini progression. The Heroes, according to Supercell, represent long term progression.
    • According to one of the top developers on the Clash Mini team at Supercell, the time it will take to max out a Hero will be slightly less time than to max out a card in Clash Royale.

All the Heroes:

What Hero do I start with?

Hero Progression:
Upgrade to Level: Fragments Gold
1 10 N/A
2 10 100
3 25 200
4 50 400
5 75 800
6 100 1200
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