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Golden Giant Portrait.png

The Golden Giant is a Mini unlocked from Chests, Shop or Quests. It costs 3 Elixir to deploy.

Skill: Headbutt

“Super: Attack the enemy with a a headbutt, stunning them and himself for 2.5s”

Golden Giant has a Super ability that lets him headbutt the enemy, dealing 2 damage and stunning them and himself for 2.5 seconds.

Star Abilities

Golden Helmet

“Heals 4 HP over 2s after being stunned”

If the Golden Giant is stunned, he will heal himself for 2 health each second, for a total time of 2 seconds. This allows him to heal a total of 4 health over 2 seconds. The duration of the stun has no effect on the duration of this ability, and the healing is reset if stunned while healing.

Infinite Helmet

“KO: Heal nearby allies for 4 HP over 2s”

When the Golden Giant is defeated, nearby allies in a 5x5 square area around him will be for 2 health each second, for a total time of 2 seconds. This heals friendlies a total of 4 health over 2 seconds.

Golden Headbutt

“Headbutt's damage and stun duration are doubled”

Headbutt damage is doubled, for a total of 4 damage. The stun duration is also doubled, for a total of 5 seconds.



  • 9/3/22:
    • Added the Golden Giant.
  • 17/3/22:
    • Base HP reduced to 12 (from 13).
    • Base Attack Speed reduced to 0.3 (from 0.35).
  • 11/5/22
    • Base HP increased to 13 (from 12).
    • Energy cost increased to 8 (from 6)


  • The Golden Giant is 1 of the few Minis to originate from Clash Mini, the others are the Swordsman and Healing Ranger.
  • Golden Giant and Swordsman were planned to be released 2 weeks after Sea-son 2 started, but they were released 2 days after the season started due to community request.
  • Golden Giant, Archer, Swordsman, and Mega Knight are the only Minis to have an upgrade that has a direct negative to it. In his case, his Golden Headbutt Star Ability will increase the stun duration of his Headbutt Skill.
  • Golden Giant, Victory Maiden, Healing Ranger, and Battle Healer all have white wings and have yellow as their main color, implying that they are of the same species, similarly to Skeletons or Goblins.