Clash Mini Wiki

Gold is the basic resource of Clash Mini. Gold can be used to upgrade Heroes or to buy Minis from the Shop. Gold is found in Chests, Quests, the Mini Pass, or earned from winning multiplayer battles. It can also be bought with Gems.

How to Find Gold

  • Gold is found inside Coin Chests.
  • Gold is also received when certain Quests are completed.
  • In certain parts of the Mini Pass, Gold may be awarded for reaching that tier.
  • Gold can also be won from battle. Every player can receive a total of 200 Gold every day.

Gold Purchase

  • Gold purchases have discounts. Bigger purchases cost less Gems per Gold. Gold can be bought for the following amounts of Gems:
Gold Price Gold / Gem
240 Gold.png 30 Gems.png 8
8,000 Gold.png 650 Gems.png 12.3
25,000 Gold.png 1,600 Gems.png 15.6

Gold Usage

Heroes Cost

  • Gold is primarily used to upgrade Heroes; however, the amount needed increases as the card levels increase. Heroes require the same amount of Gold and Elixir to upgrade.
Level Cost
Lvl 2 100 Gold.png
Lvl 3 200 Gold.png
Lvl 4 400 Gold.png
Lvl 5 800 Gold.png
Lvl 6 1,200 Gold.png
Lvl 7 1,600 Gold.png
Lvl 8 2,000 Gold.png
Lvl 9 2,500 Gold.png
Lvl 10 3,000 Gold.png
Total 59,000 Gold.png
  • In addition, Gold can be used to buy extra Minis from the Shop, with a cost of 150 Gold for 2-Elixir Minis, 250 for 3-Elixir Minis, and 350 for 4-Elixir Minis.
  • In addition, it can also be used to refresh the Shop. The initial cost is 0 Gold, then goes to 10 Gold, and after that, it increases by 20 Gold, for a maximum cost of 70 Gold for a refresh. The Shop can be refreshed a total of 10 times per day.