Clash Mini Wiki

The pre-beta elixir bar.

Elixir is spent to place Minis on the battlefield. The player starts with 6 Elixir on the first round, and additional Elixir is obtained at the beggining of every following round, getting 6 Elixir each time a new round starts. Elixir can be stacked, so the maximum Elixir a player can have is 30. All Minis need Elixir to be summoned/upgraded.

Profit and Loss

Elixir is just as important as other game mechanics like Mini placement and having a balanced battle box.

  • There are multiple ways to start an battle. One can use all of their Elixir to immediately start a round, or they can save Elixir for later rounds.
  • Minis can be placed back into the battle box, allowing the user to regain any Elixir spent on that Mini and possibly use it to place a different Mini instead.
  • It is important for the player to not save any Elixir on the last round, as the player will otherwise have Elixir wasted, when it could be better used to improve a Mini on the battlefield.


  • The word "Elixir" comes from "al iksir", which is the Arabic word for miracle substances. Dating back to the third century BC, Elixir was rumored to change base metals into gold and prolong life indefinitely.
  • Much like its Clash Royale counterpart, Elixir in Clash Mini can only be generated and used during a battle. This is unlike Clash of Clans and Clash Quest, where Elixir can be generated and used like Gold.