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Electro Wizard Portrait.png

The Electro Wizard is a Mini unlocked from Chests, Shop or Quests. The Electro Wizard is a single-target, ranged unit with low hitpoints and damage output. Appearance-wise, he has black hair shaped like a lightning bolt, has a bolt-shaped mustache, and wears a blue robe. It costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

Skill: Zzzap

“Super: Zap up to 3 enemies, dealing 2 damage and stunning them briefly”

Electro Wizard has a Super ability that deals 2 damage to the 3 closest enemies and stuns them for 1 second.

Star Abilities


“Zzzap strikes up to 5 enemies”

Zzzap can now affect up to 5 enemies instead of 3.


“Clash: grant 2 Energy to nearby allies in the same row”

At the start of each round, the Electro Wizard will give himself and his adjacent allies 2 Energy.


“Zzzap +2s Stun Duration”

The stun duration from Zzzap increases by 2 seconds, for a total of 3 seconds.


  • Placing the Electro Wizard on the supercharger tile can really benefit your team in that round because you can reduce the amount of attacks to activate Zzzap at the beginning of the round, making the ability like a Clash ability that can be reused.


  • 08/11/2021:
    • The Electro Wizard was first introduced into Clash Mini in the Beta Launch, along with his Scientist skin.
  • 21/12/2021:
    • Base HP reduced to 5 (from 7).
    • HP growth reduced to 2 (from 3).
    • Attack Speed reduced to 0.6 (from 0.65).
    • Zzzap stun duration reduced to 1s (from 1.5s).
    • Upgrade - Fork: Extra target reduced to 1 (from 2).
  • 03/03/2022:
    • Base HP increased to 6 (from 5).
    • Attack Speed increased to 0.65 (from 0.6).
    • Drain Energy consumption increased to 5 (from 4).
    • Electrocute extra stun duration increased to 3 seconds (from 2 seconds).
  • 12/05/22:
    • Electro Wizard's Drain Star Ability was renamed to Charger and reworked from allowing Zzzap to remove 5 Energy from the opponent to giving himself and nearby allies 2 Energy at the start of each round.
    • Base Hit Speed increased to 0.7 (from 0.65).
  • 16/06/22:
    • Attack speed per upgrade increased to 0.15 (from 0.1).
    • Zzzap: Damage decreased to 2 (from 3).
    • Zzzap now hits 3 targets (from 2).
    • First Upgrade: Zzzap strikes up to 5 enemies (from 3).
  • 14/07/22:
    • Base attack speed reduced to 0.65 (from 0.7).
    • The third upgrade: Zzzap + 2s stun duration.


  • The Electro Wizard, along with the Fisherman, Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Magic Archer, Battle Healer, Mega Knight and the Witch are the most expensive Minis, costing 4 Elixir.
  • The Electro Wizard is 1 of the first Minis to have a skin immediately after soft launch, in his case the Scientist, with the others being the Miner, P.E.K.K.A and the Magic Archer.
  • The Electro Wizard inspired a Super Troop from Clash of Clans, the Super Wizard.
  • He is the only wizard-related Mini with a super ability.