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Crystal Coins are currencies that allow you to buy skins from the shop. They can be obtained in the Mini Pass, by completing quests or by opening chests when all Minis have all star abilities unlocked or all Heroes are at the highest possible level. The maximum amount of Crystal Coins that you can have at one time is 9999.


As of the version 1.2 update on the third of March 2022 there are four skins available for purchase with Crystal Coins

  • Crystal Skin (P.E.K.K.A) (800 Crystal Coins)
  • Fabulous Skin (Prince) (800 Crystal Coins)
  • Squitch Skin (Witch) (800 Crystal Coins)
  • Party Wizard Skin (Wizard) (800 Crystal Coins)


  • 21/12/2021:
    • Crystal Coins are added to Clash Mini, replacing Challenge Coins. Any Challenge Coins owned by a player at the time of the update are replaced with Crystal Coins.
    • Two skins are available for purchase with Crystal coins, "Fabulous Prince" for 600 Crystal Coins and "Crystal P.E.K.K.A." for 100 Crystal Coins
  • 3/3/2022:
    • Two more Crystal Coin skins are added, "Squitch" and "Party Wizard"
    • All Crystal Coin skins now cost 800 Crystal Coins


  • Despite being available in the shop for purchase as early as the third of March 2022 the "Squitch" skin remains unable to be used until the seventh of March due to the Witch being unobtainable before that.