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“Beat the Lava Golem and earn rewards for your clan!”


The Raid Boss is a Clan game mode with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 participants per raid. Each raid endures for 48 hours.

Once you join a raid, you will stay in it until the complete time of duration runs out or until the Boss is defeated. The raid endures 48 hours regardless of whether the Boss was defeated or not.

Clan Ranks

1: Leader

2: Co Leader

3: Elder

4: Member

If the Boss was defeated before 48 hours, the raid’s remaining time appears in a countdown clock. You can only create or join a new raid when the remaining time ends.

Only the player who created the raid can kick it off.

Fun fact:

Unlike the normal Duel or Rumble rounds where you don't know your opponent's Minis and their place of deployment before battle starts, the Boss Raid Battles show you clearly what Minis brought by the Boss and their place of deployment. Use this tip to build your strategy for each round, and aim for Victory!

Lava Golem is the Boss, starting the raid at Level 1 and leveling up to Level 10.

In each level, the Boss becomes stronger and harder to defeat.

The Boss selects their own Mini squad from a pool, which can generate different Mini combos in each Battle, so be prepared for different strategies!

In all raids, the Boss has a fixed Super Skill called ‘Lava Eruption’.

2 other random skills will be unlocked within the raid, randomly selected from the 7 available skills from the pool. You will need different tactics to defeat the Boss in the different raids!

The Lava Golem is the first of (hopefully) many bosses to come to Raids.


  • 3/3/22:
    • Added Clans and Clan Raids.


  • The Lava Golem shares a name with one of the Bosses from Clash Quest.
  • The Lava Golem is the first Boss added to Clash Mini.