Clash Mini Wiki


When you start you will go through the tutorial, and after you complete it you will be given the choice of 3 different heroes to pick from and start the game. It is recommended to pick Shield Maiden, as it is the easiest hero to use and many minis synergies with her.

Early Game Progression

It is recommended to complete all of your quests every day, and it's recommend that you do these quests in casual mode so it does not effect you if you lose. These will help you progress very quickly, since you will be able to gain new minis from these quests. Then you will be able to complete the mini quests for the minis and get new minis from these quests to complete more quests with. You should also do quests for your hero to get hero shards to level them. Eventually you will run out of quests, so it will be time to use the challenge coins you have acquired. I recommend using them in duels, since it is easier to get win streaks in them. This strategy should allow you to get a well-leveled mini deck to push pretty easily.

Mid Game Progression

Not much is known about later stages of the game since it is in beta, however, Supercell stated that although you will keep hero levels from season to season, your mini’s stars will reset and be converted into gold, gems, challenge coins, and hero stars. Keep this in mind if you plan to spend money in the game, and as a result of this, stay away from buying minis for gold and instead focusing on leveling heroes.