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Archer Portrait.png

The Archer is a Mini unlocked from Chests, Shop or Quests. The Archer is a single-target, ranged unit with low hitpoints and damage output. Appearance-wise, she wields a small bow and wears a blue tunic while having pink hair. It costs 2 Elixir to deploy.

Skill: Long Bow

“Attacks target the farthest enemy”

Archer has a Passive ability that allows her to target the enemy that is the farthest away from her.

Star Abilities


“Attacks hit one additional target with reduced attack speed”

When attacking, the Archer will target one additional target, but her hit per second will be decreased by 0.2.


“Boast: +1 ATK for a short time”

If the Archer manages to defeat an enemy, she will gain 1 more damage per attack for a short time.


“Clash: 50% Hit Speed increase for 7s”

At the start of each round, the Archer's hit speed is increased by 50% for 7 seconds.


  • This Mini is great for taking out weak support Minis like the Wizard, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Dart Goblin, or a Magic Archer.
  • Rush and Archery work very well together as it can put a lot of pressure on ranged minis and heroes.
    • If only one upgrade is to be purchased: Archery is better if there is a troop tanking for backline minis, whereas Rush is better if they are alone.
  • Archer has good synergy with Countess as Archer can lower the health of backline minis, encouraging the Countess to target them and finish them off earlier.
  • Use a Miner to burrow to her and take her out that way.


  • 08/11/21:
    • The Archer was first introduced into Clash Mini in the Beta Launch.
  • 21/12/21:
    • The Sparkle skin was added.
  • 03/03/22:
    • Base Attack Speed increased from 0.5 (from 0.4).
    • Archery will reduce Archer’s attack speed by 0.2.
  • 17/03/22:
    • Base HP increased to 5 (from 4).
    • Base Attack Speed increased to 0.6 (from 0.5).
  • 16/06/22:
    • Archery: Attack speed reduction increased to 0.2 from 0.1 .
    • Rush: Bonus attack speed reduced to 50% (from 60%), and duration increased to 7s (from 6s).
  • 14/07/22:
    • Attack speed per upgrade increased to 0.1 from 0.05